Sunday, October 10, 2010

Looking for bridegroom

Many Indian person when look for bridegrooms, they prefer a girl to be homely, quite, modest religious, traditional and many extras which are mostly not suitable to the modern world. Still many males prefer girls who are well frogs.

I believe they must look for girls who must be independent, good leadership qualities, knowlegeable and able to make right decisions. I am not telling being religious and traditioanl means not modern. They must possess sufficient knowledge of religion and tradition and not merely follow the religion blindly.

Wells frogs will only bring up well frog children, so the males should look for girls who are with the qualities of the above to be a good mother and wife. Then only things can go on even during the absence of the husband.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Malaysia is a beautiful country. No natural disaster. The worst is possibly a few months of dry weather. Cut in water supply.

Of late government is little liberal with 1Malaysia concept. For the first time in thelast 25 years I ever heard a principle of a secondary school telling Malay students that they should know the culture of others. One race should not do what others do not like. Pay due respect to the feelings of others.

The principle also told that the Non-Malays should respect the Malays.

Scholarships where awarded on mirits.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Economic Model should be welcomed by all Malaysian.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Meditation and Mathematics

Meditation is an ancient art of mind concentration. Meditation often encouraged by sages in Hindu and Buddha religion.

Many persons involved with meditation often say, practicing meditation often improves concentration of mind which improves thinking ability without which the mind often thinks of other thinks which are no suppose to think at that time.

Some educationists do encourage students to practice meditation to enhance the students’ concentration ability.

I believe meditation is just thinking of something like just looking at a light in a dark room. Don’t see, don’t think any thing else, but only the light.

I believe such practice shuts down the brain. No thinking at all.

To improve concentration of mind, improving thinking skill and planning students should encourage practicing mathematics. Practicing Mathematics should be in the format of 5-3- 1. That is 5 easy questions, 3 medium questions and 1 difficult question.

By practicing in such format the students will not be bored as 8 out nine he/she gets the right answers. The one question he/she thinks.

Mathematics questions can be from any topics. Practice it about 2 hours a day then she the student improving.

As mathematics is not like other subjects. Other subjects memorizing is needed. In Mathematics thinking is needed. Analytical thinking is inculcated in the living of the child which will be beneficial to the child in the future.

One can notice most children who are good at mathematics will have a better future.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I bought a book in a book titled “Social Changes In India” by Kuppusamy in a second hand book shop while I was a undergraduate student.

In the book there was article about fishermen in Kerala India, whereby the government trained fishermen to use new technology in fishing by which they can increase their catch subsequently their income.

However, it did not work. The fishermen were happy with their daily catch and return home earlier once they got their catch similar to before resulting no increase in their income by more leisure time.

I do see the same trend even now where economic competition has increased, cost of living sky rocketed, some wants has become necessaries and so on.

I had observed many wives who receive SOCSO compensations after the death of their husband or for some other reasons, do not go to any work or find an extra income. They solely depend on the SOCSO compensations. My check with the department showed it is not a condition that the wife should not work if she gets the compensation.

These ladies earn sympathy from public by telling they are widows. They ask whatever opportunities available to get extra money just by telling their sad stories. They self impose poverty.

If the ladies determined to work and find an extra income plus the husband SOCSO compensation they can alleviate poverty, increase the investment on the human resource development of their children. They can have a happy family and live respectfully.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Indians and Patents

Recently I was reading an article on patent rights. I was surprised to note that curry was patented in Japan.

Curry is a Tamil word. Curry leaves were used by the South Indians for aroma purposes. It also has some medicinal values. Whether curry is patented in India or not, I do not know, neither the article mentioned about it.

There are several other products to which Indians were the founders but not patented in their own country.

Yogurt and sour milk are two dairy products were often mentioned by doctors for good health to which Indians were the founders. Dutch lady and Nestle are the largest producers. Both are non Indian companies. There are also many small companies in several part of the world manufacturing these products but I had not seen any Indian companies.

Apart from these dairy products there are also many others products to which Indians were founders but now manufactured and sold to Indians but I had not seen any products found by others and manufactured by Indians and sold to others.

May be Indians are not enterprising as others and level of application of knowledge for business purposes are limited among Indians. If we continue to be as what we are I see no change in life style for Indians others will continue to gain profit from us.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Extreme future

In the extreme future, nano-IT-bio and nuero technology going to dominate the world in the next two to three decades.

Not only the electronics will be taken over by nano but several other industries will also be dominated by the nanotechnology including textiles. This technology is still not popular in Malaysia. No students I have met ever have the ambition to learn this technology as they do not know the prospects of reading this. The employability is also very limited as Malaysian companies do not have high technology.

However students should have the knowledge of prospects of this advance technology, if not teachers must provide them with sufficient knowledge as to create interest to learn this techonology. Students should learn advance techonology in advance as they should prepare themselves for the future. In a competitive environment we should have skills others do not have in order to earn economic rent.

As with bio and neuro, men wants live long. A long healthy life to which bio-neuro play an important role. Men now live longer than any time in history as modern medical science developed in the last 150 years ago. Before that men had an average life of 18 years only. Alexander lived only 32 years and Socrates live until 35 years only. So were Buddha and many others.

Now living until 70 years old is a norm. Now with the developments of medical science(Bio- Neuro) it is possible children born in the last decade of last century can live until the first decade of the next century.

Genetic engineering which is also related with the same field as this will develop further and enable men to have night vision, sharp vision etc. Stem cell development will enable cloning of organs possible. Artificial human blood will be discovered within next decade. To make all these developments possible, there is a need for massive need of high level human resource development to which intelligent students need to prepare themselvs and contribute toward the same.

IT, is one field many think it is saturared now. Highly skilled IT personels there is still huge demand. Robotic science development is accelerating. Medical surgeries are done by robots. Factory automations( Industrial robots) are also need IT personels. So IT with nano will an excellent field in the future.